Take a seat; make seating chart

Change later if problems

Who am I? Brief biography

Registered Geologist: exploration

College professor

Fairly high standards for this class

Act like adults & I'll treat you like adults

Best classes have lots of discussion

I love good questions

Only stupid question is "May I ask a question?"

However, lots of silly/disruptive questions

I have very little tolerance for these and will react negatively to them

This is Hydrosphere

Not supposed to be easy - this is a lab science!

DIGRESS TO: tough to cover in 18 weeks

I will select those areas I feel are most important at this level

We will jump around quite a bit

Grading policy, etc.: get from sheet

Concerning the APE factor:

Don't minimize the importance of this!

It's simple: poor attendance and/or attitude will result in a bad grade

Concerning your notebooks:

Very important - record of all we do in here

Notes and the Internet

Most of the course materials are on-line


I encourage you to print out relevant note for the day and add to the during class discussions

I will allow one (1) page of notes on exams

The Book: we will get them soon

Bring it every day: you never know when we'll be using it.

Selected reading and exercises

I expect you to do this stuff - affects APE factor

Supplies needed for class

3-ring binder (w/dividers)

pencil/eraser; colored pencils and/or markers

ruler & protractor

Misc. items:

Free Question Coupons

Food & drink: not allowed anymore at anytime

Tardies & absences

Field Trips: more on these later


Hall Rock policy

Hand out student survey