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Bill Nye the Science Guy's NYE LABS ONLINE

CMU Geography and Earth Science Home Page

Discovery Online

Educational Hotlists @ The Franklin Institute

Hotlist: Weather Science (Franklin Institute)

Hotlist: Weather Science

Hydrology Web

Mr. Science

Weather Information Links - what a list!


Weather Glossary for Storm Spotters

Winter weather glossary



Ask Jeeves!

How Stuff Works Home Page

The BIG list of questions

Encarta Online Home

SciEd: Science and Mathematics Education Resources

NIH Image Home Page

Cool and Useful Student Resources


At Hand - Yellow Pages

Harvard Science Review

k12 Internet Resources

U.S. Metric Association (USMA), Inc.

Teachers Resouces (links to various sites)



Discovery Online - Learning Channel Home Page


Discovery newsletter: Index of Topics

Discovery Channel Catalog/Video List

Discovery Online Store -- List All

Discovery Online Store -- Home

Earth Alert

Feature Stories -- Amazing Earth Games

The Great Bone Bazaar


Earth and ocean science: USA Today index

Hydrology home page - USA Today

USA Today's Index of Weather-related Sites

Weather-Medford, Ore. : from USA Today

JASON Project

National Weather Service

NOAA Home Page

NOAA Pacific Marine Env. Labs Home Page

NOAA Network Information Center: Ocean & Atmosphere page

NOAA Data Centers

NOAA - Age of the Ocean Floor Poster

Oceanography (ESCI 261) Lecture Notes

USGS -- Water Resources of the United States

USGS Woods Hole Field Center

USGS Real-Time Water Data

USGS River Data - Rogue River at Grants Pass

USGS Global Change Research Program

United States Environmental Protection Agency's Homepage

WeatherCenter 6 - Sky Diary

Weather Channel

Teachers' Resources-Weather Channel

Weather Underground, Inc.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: Home Page

Yahoo! - Science Index

ZEBU: University of Oregon Physics WEB Server



Bad Meteorology

Links to weather satellite images

National Weather Service

National Weather Service - Western Region

Ocean weather, winds, waves, tides

Oregon Climate Service

The SIO Weather Page (Scripts, San Diego)

Storm systems and fronts

USA Today's Index of Weather-related Sites

Top Weather news

How the weather works

Storm systems and fronts

Weather-Medford, Ore.

Index to information on tornadoes

Weather Channel

Weather Channel - Teaching Guide: The Jet Stream

Weather for Medford, OR

Weather Here and There

Weather Information Links - what a list!

Weather Underground, Inc.


Local Weather

National Weather Service - Medford, Oregon

Links - Medford, Oregon

Long Term Averages - Medford, Oregon

Oregon Climate Service - link to precipitation totals and other historical weather information

Oregon Disaster News, Weather, and History

Oregon Weather - WxUSA

USA Today Weather-Medford, Ore.

Weather Channel - Oregon

Weather for Medford, OR


Severe Storms

NWSFO Norman WWW Home Page - Spotter Guide

S.W.I.R.L. home page

Winter weather

Storm systems and fronts


Thunderstorm information index: USA Today

Supercells have unique characteristics


Tornado information index: USA Today

How tornadoes are classified: Fujita Scale

Index to information on tornadoes



Guide to hurricane science and technology: USA Today

Latest Hurricane information

El Niño

El Niño Home Page (PEML/NOAA)

El Niño: University of Illinois

El Niño Index: USA Today

Information about El Niño: USA Today



Earth's Interior and Origin of Ocean Basins

Oceanography Lecture Notes: Flinders University, Australia

Oceanography: U. of O. Home Page

Ocean weather, winds, waves, tides

Seafloor Topography

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: Home Page


Tsunami!: The WWW Tsunami Information Resource

Welcome to Tsunami!



Groundwater Issues



Glacial Geology at UC

Satellite Images: Glacier

Multimedia History of Glacier Bay



National Geographic Society

National Geographic - Contents

National Geographic Society - Main Menu

Search Index: National Geographic Society

Contents @

Resources: National Geographic Society

Map Machine: National Geographic Society

Scientific American: Explorations Archive

Earth Magazine

Earth Science Hot Links : from Earth Magazine


Environmental Issues

AGCI - EarthPulse NEWS Table of Contents

Aspen Global Change Institute

Cadillac Desert Home Page

Chemical Pollutants - Env. Defense Fund

Drinking water's hidden dangers

Environmental Medicine

EROS home page (USGS Earth Resources Observation Systems)

Frog Home Page

Greenpeace International Home Page

Greenpeace - Climate Crisis Homepage

Climate Crisis FAQ

Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds

Planet Under Stress

Spill Topic List

US Global Change Research Information Office Home Page

United States Environmental Protection Agency's Homepage

USGS Global Change Research Program

Water Pollution: GAO Reports, Jan 1970 - Feb 1996

Love Canal / Dioxin

The Love Canal

The Love Canal Disaster Home Page

CCHW: The 20th Anniversary of Love Canal

Niagara Falls, NY-Basic

Dioxin Research Project / Love Canal

The Dioxin Home Page

PCB Clearinghouse (COPA)


Local Studies

Yucca Mountain Project (YMP)

Cadillac Desert Home Page


Health and Wellness

PlanetRx | Online Pharmacy

Fast Food Facts - Interactive Food Finder



Miscellaneous sites and links

Cool and Useful Student Resources

Hydrology home page

itty bitty blackboard: science news, reference and books

Kodak Education: K-12 Solutions

Web earth science for teachers

Wind Turbine Research Group


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