The Hydrosphere


Video Study Guide: Waves in the Ocean (VK1404; 23 minutes)


What causes many ocean waves?


Why doesn't the surfer move towards the shore?


If the water itself isn't moving towards the shore, what is moving?


What happens when different waves pass through each other?


Why do waves diffract?


What is the relationship between the angle of incidence and angle of reflection?


What is refraction?


Why do headlands wear away?


Why do bays fill with suspended sediments?


What happens when a wave approaches the beach?


What is a rip current, and how can it be spotted?


What should you do if caught in a rip current?


Why does a wave break?


How does the slope of the seabed affect how a wave breaks?


What is the relationship between water depth and when waves break?


Why do dolphins body surf?


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