The Hydrosphere


Video Study Guide: Groundwater: the Hidden Reservoir (FK1757; 19 minutes)

Note: this film was made in 1971. Much of the information concerning use and contamination may be out of date.


Where does the Hydrologic Cycle get its energy?


How much water is stored in the ground in the United States?


Why are some materials impermeable?


What is an aquifer?


What factors affect the location of the water table?


What is a spring?


Why is groundwater usually good to drink?


Why do artesian wells flow?


Why is artesian water often warmer than other groundwater?


Describe how a geyser works.


What does carbonic acid do to limestone?


What are recharge basins?


On the back, describe uses of groundwater, and potential problems concerning supply and contamination. This will probably take several paragraphs, and will be REAL GOOD PRACTICE for the upcoming test.


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