The Hydrosphere


Video Study Guide: Clouds and Precipitation (FK2345; 15 minutes)


Where does most atmospheric moisture come from?


What happens to heat when water evaporates?


What factors determine how much evaporation occurs?


What happens when warm, moist air cools?


What is the Dew Point, and what affects it?


What 2 things affect the formation of clouds?


What is the 3rd thing needed to make a cloud droplet?


What are some common sources for this material?


How do raindrops form?


How do mountains affect cloud formation?


Why does precipitation often stop at the top of a mountain?


How do "thunderheads" form?


Describe the pattern made by the colored dye in the cloud formation chamber.


What process keeps cumulo-nimbus clouds forming?


What are the advantages of using a "sailplane" to study thunderheads?


Where do stratus clouds usually form (and why)?


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