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Help, I'm a tad confused

Mike Boschat's Astronomy Page : an excellent source of links to all aspects of space science


Dr. Odenwald's ASK THE ASTRONOMER : if you've got the question ......

ASK THE SPACE SCIENTIST: FAQ page : additional questions

Dr. Odenwald's List of Internet Links

Larry Kedigh's Bookmarks for Astronomy related sites

Astronomy Today

An Astronomy Course for middle and high school students

Space and Science index (USA Today)

CNN - Science - Technology: Space

Bite-Sized Astronomy of the Week

Bad Astronomy

Bill Nye the Science Guy's NYE LABS ONLINE

Mr. Science

Physics Primer from the Physics Guy

Ask The Physics Guy

Creation/Evolution Questions: ChristianAnswers.Net

Educational Hotlists @ The Franklin Institute : where do you want to go in science?

Hotlist: Space Science (Franklin Institute)

Center for Scientific Creation

The Journal of Ideas Issue Number 4 - Table of Contents

Astronomy Department Directory, UW-Madison

Chris Dolan's Home Page (UW-Madison)



Amateur Astronomy

Amateur Astronomy and Earth Science Magazine

Astronomy Magazine

Dave's Astronomy Magazine

Earth and Sky Homepage

Sky and Telescope

StarDate Online



The Nine Planets Glossary

Astronomy Picture of the Day Glossary - NASA

Astronomical Glossary - Bradley

Astronomy Glossary Index

Astronomical Glossary

Activity 9: Astronomy Word Find - University of Texas

Appendix 1: Glossary of Terms - University of Texas

Glossary of Astronomical Terms - Constellations

Glossary of astronomical terms - Harvard University

Glossary of Astronomical Terms

Global Change Glossary


Periodic Table

Periodic Table - Interactive

Periodic Table - Los Alamos Nat. Lab.


The Heaveyweights

NASA Home Page

NASA "Hot Topics"

NASA Spacelink, Fact sheets

Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA)

Galileo Home Page

JASON Project

Genesis Misson Home Page

Animations: Los Alamos National Labs

The University of Oregon

ZEBU: University of Oregon Physics WEB Server

Pine Mountain Observatory: University of Oregon

Astronomy on the Internet: Pine Mtn. (many links)

Solar Information Center: University of Oregon


Lessons and on-line courses




Out there

Astronomy and Space Exploration (USA Today)

How Big is the Universe

FOPMO Astronomy Projects: Galaxy Distances

Our solar system and beyond

Stars and Constellations

The sky and space

Sun, moon, stars, time


The Solar System

Solar System Images

The Nine Planets

Planetary Society

The Sun: a pictorial Introduction

Astronomy Tutorial: Origin of the Solar System

John Hopkins asteroid page: NEAR Home Page

Impact Craters

The Moon

Lunar Prospector Homepage: NASA

Lunar & Planetary Institute: NASA

LPI Home Page

Lunar Prospector: NASA


Whole Mars Catalog

Center for Mars Exploration Home Page

Pathfinder Mission

University of Oregon

Mars Web - NASA

Mars Pathfinder - Welcome to Mars: NASA

Live From Mars



Silicon Graphics Home Page

Current Images

Image Archives

Discovery Online -- Mars Mission Intro

Discovery Online -- Mars Mission WebLinks

Mars Mission -- Life-on-Mars Update

Yahoo! - Mars Pathfinder mission




Astronomy Picture of the Day Index

The Hubble Space Telescope

Hubble Space Telescope Images by Subject

Hubble Space Telescope Greatest Hits 1990-1995 Gallery

SEDS: Best of HST

The Best of HST

HST Public Pictures Index

The Hubble Deep Field

Latest HST Pictures: 27Jan1998

Early Release Observations: Hubble Upgrades Show New Results

Space Telescope Science Institute Home Page

Solar System Images

Index to Solar System Images: Animations

The Sun: a pictorial Introduction

Spaceshots Directory: A commercial site of images available for sale.

Imaging the Earth

Space Imaging - Earth Information: A commercial site of images available for sale.


Space travel

History of Space Exploration

NASA "Hot Topics"

NASA Spacelink, Fact sheets

Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle Live

Challenger Explosion

Space Shuttle Challenger Accident (Yahoo!)

Paula Jarvis: The Challenger Explosion


Look out!

SKY Online - Your Astronomy Source on the World Wide Web

This Week's Sky at a Glance

Annular Solar Eclipse May 10, 1994

Eclipse of 2/26/98: USA Today

Viewing Hints: Tips for Comet Hale-Bopp


Mysteries, Aliens, and Space Creatures

Earth Mysteries: Stonehenge

The Cydonia area of Mars

Cydonia, Mars

The Mars Face at Cydonia and the Tower of Babel


The Roswell Omen Official Site

The UFO Channel: Roswell


Star Trek, Star Wars, and so on

Star Trek

Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Q Continuum

Star Trek Central

Technical Information

Star Trek Technology

Warp Drive Basics

Technical FAQ

Starship Design - L.I.T.

STAR WARS: Death Stars


Miscellaneous websites

Center for Scientific Creation

Todays Space Weather

WeatherCenter 6 - Sky Diary

Auroras, space weather

Space Environment Center Home

The Coriolis Force Page

Astronomy Day at the California Academy of Sciences

Classical Mechanics

The Laws of Physics and Astronomy index - a large alphabetized list


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