Video Study Guide: The Energy Balance (FK2351)

What carved Yosemite Valley?


What does the advance and retreat of a glacier indicate?


What is the earth's ultimate energy source?


What are the most effective reflectors of solar energy?


What is the reflected energy called?


What could have caused the sudden drop in global temperature 90,000 years ago?


How does volcanic ash lower global temperatures?


What other factors can affect earth's energy balance?


What effect can water and carbon dioxide have on earth's energy balance?


What are the greenhouse gasses?


Why is Venus so hot (>400°C.)?


What are scientists discovering about atmospheric CO2 from studies in Hawaii?


Why do CO2 levels drop in summer and rise in winter?


How do we explain the overall rise in atmospheric CO2 levels?


In summary, what factors can affect earth's energy balance, and what could happen if energy input and output become unbalanced?


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