Video Study Guide: Acceleration Machines (VK0742)

How fast does the launch vehicle need to go in order to reach low earth orbit?


What 2 types of fuel are used by the 5 engines?


What is the main component of the exhaust from the 3 main liquid fuel engines?


How much thrust is produced by each of the 3 main engines?


What makes the solid rocket boosters more simple in design?


How much thrust is created by each of the 2 SRB's?


What is the tangenital velocity at the Kennedy Space Center?


Why do you think the U.S. launches rockets from Florida instead of California?


Why is water dumped beneath the shuttle just before ignition of the engines?


Why does the acceleration increase even though the thrust produced by the engines remains the same?


What happens to the spent SRB casings?


What happens to the external liquid fuel tank?


Why are the engines shut off after the OMS-2 burn at apogee?


Why does the acceleration of the Saturn-V increase so rapidly?


How fast must a rocket travel to escape earth orbit and go to the moon?


Why can the lunar ascent module use such a wimpy engine?


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