Reality Review: Physics and Chemistry


Some basics to review...

If very much of this is too new, or too tough, maybe this is not the class for you


Laws and the Scientific Method

Through to Dogma and Stagnation

Matter: stuff which has mass and occupies space

Conservation of matter

4 States of Matter: solid, liquid, gas, plasma

Absolute zero and temperature scales

Gravity: a property of all matter

Newton's 3 Laws of Motion

Einstein and beyond: space vs. nothing

Stuff: Elements & the Periodic Chart

Describe in detail

Only 8 really matter (98.5%). Importance of oxygen (46%/94%) & silicon

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All this stuff is doin' something got to be able to describe what's going on

Units: SI and English

Scientific Notation

Units & Dimensional Analysis

Mass: the amount of matter in a body

Does not change with location

Weight: mass in a given place, relative to gravity

Does change with location

Area: a 2-dimensional value

Volume: a 3-dimensional value

How much space occupied by a mass

Density: mass per unit volume

To summarize...

   Mass = How Much
 Volume = How Big
Density = How Tightly Packed

Air and Water Pressure

Energy: potential (mgh) and kinetic (mv^2/2)

Vectors and Vector addition

Speed vs. Velocity: scalar vs. vector

Acceleration/Deceleration: vector