Principles of Technology

Project: The Electrical Game



It is your task to design and construct a game which will supply a positive learning possibility for the class.


Rules and Regulations for the Competition:

1. Your game must have 5 questions and answers drawn from what we have studied in Principles of Technology. These can include both specific details ("What is the formula for Fluid Work?") as well as extension and application questions ("Why is electrical power so convenient to use?"). You may include up to two (2) extra answers to help confuse the issue.

2. The questions must be legitimate - trick questions, or questions which have no answer, will not be allowed. If you have "questions about your questions," see me and we will make a determination.

3. The wiring of your game must be hidden inside an appropriately sized box, with the questions and answers displayed on the outside. The box lid must be able to be removed so I can inspect the wiring.

4. Your game must be powered by a DC circuit (AC not allowed), with a maximum allowable voltage of 12 volts. Right/wrong answers can be indicated by either a light, buzzer, or both. Lots of extra credit will be awarded to anyone who can successfully wire a circuit which gives different responses for right and wrong answers (different colored lights and/or buzzer/light combinations).

5. If your game overloads and electrocutes the teacher you will be removed from the class and receive an "F" for the term. Of course, you will probably get a scholarship to OIT for accomplishing this with only 12 volts, so it might be worth it in the long run (at least to you - I'm not real keen on the prospect).

6. Each student is required to turn in their own game - no group efforts.



The Electrical Project Cover Sheet

This is how your Game will be graded (100 points total)

Be sure to staple this sheet to the front of your write-up before you turn it in.


Journal and Design Plan : 20 points

A detailed plan for your game, including a schematic diagram of the wiring

A journal detailing your efforts

A list of materials needed for construction

Step by step process for the construction of your game

Construction : 30 points

Does your game look like your plans?

Does your game look like it was thrown together or thought through?

What is the quality of your wiring? Is it neat, or a dog's breakfast.

Operation : 10 points

Does your game work?

Quality of your effort : 10 points

How good were your questions - were they too easy, inappropriate, or otherwise unacceptable, or were they well thought out and designed to supply a learning experience for the player.

Final Project Write-up : 30 points

Describe your wiring in detail. Include a discussion of voltage and current.

What did you like about your design? Why?

What didn't you like about your design? Why?

What would you do differently next time so your game would be better?

What did you learn from this project?


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