Principles of Technology

Overview: Work

Video Study Guide


How often do we do some kind of work?


Give a technician's definition of work.


What makes the Prab robot stop doing work?


List two ways in which the robots in the video do work.






"Using force to move something a distance is work in a _______________________ system."


What causes work in a fluid system?


What causes work in an electrical system?


What is the general formula for work in a mechanical system?


"Work is only done when something _____________________________ or _____________________________ ."


Why doesn't thinking count as work?


What effect does time have on work?


Complete the following formulas:


Mechanical Work = _______________________ X _______________________


Rotational Work = _______________________ X _______________________


Fluid Work = _______________________ X _______________________


Electrical Work = _______________________ X _______________________


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