Principles of Technology

Mechanical Force (1:1)



Yell at student: get up, etc.

This is a force

Problem is: how much

Difficult to quantify

Force is good stuff: can do several different types of things

Change an object's velocity (magnitude & direction)

Cause an object to start moving, or move faster

Cause an object to stop moving, or move slower

Change the direction an object is moving

Can also change the shape of an object

Hit a rock with a hammer

The "bounce back" is due to the rock snapping back into its original shape after deformation by the hammer

We will study 4 different types of energy systems

And the forces that drive them

Including methods of quantification

Equilibrium is the key to understanding force

DIGRESS TO: balanced vs. unbalanced force

Unbalanced forces cause in a disruption of equilibrium

The system must adjust in an attempt to restore equilibrium

This results in work being done

The amount of force applied directly affects the amount of work performed


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