Principles of Technology


Fluid Rate: Review

1. What are the formulas for fluid rate (volume, mass, and open channel)?

 Volume Flow Rate

 Mass Flow Rate

 Open Channel Flow Rate


2. What are appropriate units for fluid rate (SI and English)?


3. A tub holds 500 gallons of a strange fluid. What is the volume flow rate if it takes 1.23 hours to punp it all out? Give the answer in gallons per minute.


4. Convert the above answer to gallons per second.


5. Convert 123.45 ft2/min to in2/sec.


6. Convert 99,124,100,001,100,000,000 to scientific notation.


7. Convert 0.000,000,000,000,037 to scientific notation.


8. Using scientific notation, multiply 12,216,000,000,005,031 by 65,221,006,000,000.


9. The hydraulic pump on a bulldozer pumps 4.2 X 105 liters of fluid through the closed system during a 6.3-hour work period. Find the volume flow rate in liters per minute.


10. A river has an average depth of 5.21 feet and is 132.6 feet wide. How fast is the water moving if the volume flow rate of the river is 8,332 ft3/sec?


11. A jet holds 15,000 lbs. of fuel, and burns it at a rate of 1000 lbs/hr. How long can it stay in the air?


12. The plane is travelling from San Francisco to New York (distance 3000 miles). If it maintains an average ground speed of 750 miles per hour, how much fuel will it have left when it lands in New York?


13. A tank hold 10,000 gallons. It takes 4 hours to fill the tank with water. Find the volume flow rate in gallons per hour and gallons per minute.


14. An air conditioner pumps 5 kg of Freon gas through the system in 3 minutes. Find the mass flow rate in kilograms per minute.