"Fundamentals of Geology"

Mike Strickler: Rogue Community College

Video Study Guide: Earth Revealed

Episode 9: Earthquakes

What is the ultimate cause of movement within the earth's crust?


What are the benefits of living in a world which experiences earthquakes?


What causes earthquakes?


What is a fault?


What happens to the energy released during an earthquake?


Summarize the different types of seismic waves. Be specific.


Describe how seismologists use seismic velocities to locate earthquake epicenters.


What is a seismograph and how does it work?


Describe the Richter magnitude scale.


What is the difference in energy released between one Richter value and the next?


How does the period of an earthquake relate to a building's natural period?


What happens when they match?


Why was the Parkfield area chosen as a good location to study earthquakes?


What do scientists hope to see before the next Parkfield earthquake?


What factors complicate earthquake prediction?


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