"Fundamentals of Geology"

Mike Strickler: Rogue Community College

Video Study Guide: Earth Revealed

Episode 26: Living with the Earth: Preserving the Legacy

What has been the short term impact of the industrial revolution?


Discuss the formation of petroleum.


How do geologists use seismic reflection to search for oil?


Why does two-thirds of most of oil remain in the ground?


How is remote satellite sensing changing the exploration for valuable resources?


How do satellites detect geologic features?


Why do new exploration techniques only supply a short term solution to the resource problem?


What alternate sources of energy are being developed?


What drives these alternate forms of energy?


How is earth's internal heat engine contributing to our energy needs?


Describe how geothermal energy is used to produce energy.


What problems need to be addressed to efficiently use geothermal energy?


What are the pros and cons of developing geothermal energy sources?


What must be done to "preserve the legacy?"


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