"Fundamentals of Geology"

Mike Strickler: Rogue Community College

Video Study Guide: Earth Revealed

Episode 21: Groundwater

Why is groundwater such an important natural resource?


What is the source of most groundwater?


Describe porosity and permeability.


What is an aquifer?


What is an aquiclude?


What happens when groundwater reacts with limestone?


What is the water table?


What is effluence, and how does it help maintain year-round flow in many rivers?


Describe an open aquifer.


Describe a closed aquifer, and the formation of an artesian well.


What can happen when too much groundwater is removed from an aquifer?


What factors can lead to groundwater contamination?


How quickly does groundwater recharge in a natural setting?


How is groundwater recharged?


What problems need to be addressed in terms of groundwater management?


What is the role of the hydrogeologist?


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