"Fundamentals of Geology"

Mike Strickler: Rogue Community College

Earth Revealed Series

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Episode 1: Down to Earth

Episode 2: The Restless Planet

Episode 3: Earth's Interior

Episode 4: The Sea Floor

Episode 5: The Birth of a Theory

Episode 6: Plate Dynamics

Episode 7: Mountain Building and the Growth of Continents

Episode 8: Earth's Structures

Episode 9: Earthquakes

Episode 10: Geologic Time

Episode 11: Evolution Through Time

Episode 12: Minerals - The Materials of Earth

Episode 13: Volcanism

Episode 14: Intrusive Igneous Rocks

Episode 15: Weathering and Soils

Episode 16: Mass Wasting

Episode 17: Sedimentary Rocks - The Key to Past Environments

Episode 18: Metamorphic Rocks

Episode 19: Running Water - Erosion and Deposition

Episode 20: Running Water - Landscape Evolution

Episode 21: Groundwater

Episode 22: Wind, Dust, and Deserts

Episode 23: Glaciers

Episode 24: Waves, Beaches, and Coasts

Episode 25: Living with the Earth - The Loma Prieta Earthquake

Episode 26: Living with the Earth - Preserving the Legacy


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