Fundamentals of Geology

Mike Strickler: Rogue Community College


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Summer Term 2017

Orientation (Required):

Mandatory online orientation available at:


Course Overview (Strongly recommended):


Exams (available at RVC, RWC, and TRC testing centers):

1st Midterm (Episodes 1-9): Week of July 24, 2017

2nd Midterm (Episodes 10-18): Week of August 07, 2017

3rd Midterm (Episodes 19-26): Week of August 21, 2017


Be sure to call the testing center in advance to confirm their hours of operation.

Allow yourself 2 (or more) hours to complete each test. Sorry, but make-ups for missed exams can only be arranged with prior notification to the instructor. If approved, they may require a trip to the Grants Pass (RWC) campus.


Episode Links:

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Video Study Guides:

Prepared to help you follow the videos (click here for the VSG Index)


More Information:

Links to lecture notes from my RWC Geology 101/102/103 series


Episode Title Study
Down To Earth (Episode #1) Yes Yes
The Restless Planet (Episode #2) Yes Yes
Earth's Interior (Episode #3) Yes Yes
The Sea Floor (Episode #4) Yes Yes
The Birth of a Theory (Episode #5) Yes Yes
Plate Dynamics (Episode #6) Yes Yes
Mountain Building and the Growth of Continents (Episode #7) Yes ----
Earth's Structures (Episode #8) Yes Yes
Earthquake (Episode #9) Yes Yes
Geologic Time (Episode #10) Yes Yes
Evolution Through Time (Episode #11) Yes ----
Minerals: The Materials of Earth (Episode #12) Yes Yes
Volcanism (Episode #13) Yes Yes
Intrusive Igneous Rocks (Episode #14) Yes Yes
Weathering and Soils (Episode #15) Yes Yes
Mass Wasting (Episode #16) Yes Yes
Sedimentary Rocks (Episode #17) Yes Yes
Metamorphic Rocks (Episode #18) Yes Yes
Running Water: Erosion and Deposition (Episode #19) Yes Yes
Running Water: Landscape Evolution (Episode #20) Yes ----
Groundwater (Episode #21) Yes Yes
Wind, Dust and Deserts (Episode #22) Yes Yes
Glaciers (Episode #23) Yes Yes
Waves, Beaches, and Coasts (Episode #24) Yes ----
Living with the Earth: Loma Prieta Earthquake (Episode #25) Yes ----
Living with the Earth: Preserving the Legacy (Episode #26) Yes ----


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