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Hi. I am hoping you can help. My son has to do a project on Friday on the Vinegar Fizz Test and I don't have clue where to begin to help him with this project. He has 3 minutes to conduct the test in front of the class. Can you give me details on what this test consists of? Thanks.

- Jan; Jacksonville, NC


It sounds like he is attempting to identify limestone by its reaction to a weak acid. Soooooo... get a piece of limestone and some vinegar. Put the vinegar in a bottle with a dropper. Take a nail and scratch the limestone until you get a small pile of powder (this increases the surface area). Leave the powdered limestone on the rock. Drop on some vinegar and watch for the fizz (carbon dioxide gas being released as part of the reaction).

That's all there is to it!

BTW: Not sure if the rock you have is actually limestone? If it won't scratch or doesn't fizz, it's not limestone.


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