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Rogue Community College

Introduction to Geology (G101, G102, and G103)

Fundamentals of Geology (G100 Telecourse)

Summer 2019 Field Studies

GS170-OC: Geology and Geomorphology of the Southern Oregon Coast


Secondary Curriculum Pages

Physical Geology

The Hydrosphere

Astronomy and Space Sciences

Applied Physics (Principles of Technology)


Glossary of Geological Terms


Mineral and Rock Identification

Index to Mineral and Rock Identification

Glossary of Terms

Mineral Identification: Tests and Procedures


The Laws of GeoFantasy

...and then there were Six



Self-guided geology tours for the layperson. No previous earth science knowledge or experience is required.


Ask GeoMan!

This is your chance to ask GeoMan any earth or space science question you want. Be warned, however: the "nature of nature" is such that I may not be able to come up with a reasonable answer! If I can't, I will be sure to tell you (as opposed to making up some bogus response). As many questions as possible will be answered here on these pages so others can benefit from your interest.

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