Ideal Gas Law

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Welcome to the Pressure Chamber

Experimental Instructions

In this series of experiments, you will control the action of a piston in a pressure chamber which is filled with an ideal gas. The gas is defined by four states:

There are 3 possible experiments to do. In the third experiment, labelled Ideal Gas Law, you can select from the Red, Blue or Yellow gas containers. Each gas in those containers has a different molecular weight and hence each will respond differently under changing pressure conditions.

Be sure that the pressure in the chamber never exceeds 10 atmospheres !!!

If the pressure exceed this amount, the chamber will crack and the gas will leak out and your experiment will be over. Even though this is virtual gas, its effects could be unpredictable.

This experiment is setup so that changes in the state of the gas, e.g. its Temperature, Volume and Pressure, are automatically recorded on the graphical tool. This should guide the experimenter into understanding the relationships of the Ideal Gas Law.

First Experimental Procedure

Second Experimental Procedure

Third Experimental Procedure

End of This experiment.