This applet is designed to show how the population growth drives the demand for power which in turn requires more power generation capacity, which in turn has an environmental consequence.

In this case, our community Salmonville relies on hydroelectric power. Due to its pollution free nature and high degree of renewability, many other people are attracted to Salmonville and the community begins to enjoy economic prosperity and full employment. Of course, the fish don't like this too much.

This simulation shows the relation between population growth, energy consumption and fish decimation. Note that many people in Salmonville own fish restauraunts where Salmon is the main course, so even without dams, the Salmon population is threatened by fish eaters.

The inputs which the user controls in this simulation are the following:

Your task is to construct different scenarios to see the length of time it takes to decimate the initial population of 1 billion fish, starting from an initial population of 20,000 people and one dam. Can you construct a scenario that preserves the fish for 1000 years?